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I want to do research on the social impact of industrial robots in the United States. As a leading country of economics and technology in the world, the U.S. is not one of the top countries in the robots field. I want to look at the reason behind this effect because from the industries’ perspective, industrial robots will be a more cost-efficient choice long term speaking.

Thinking critically and creatively: People with different situations will have different perspectives on this issue. So it’s really important to look at it from different angles. 

Apply systematic thinking: By showing the impact of the industry from the economic, technology, and social factors. By demonstrating how these things work together to impact the whole issue. 

multicultural competence:  I want to talk about different kinds of industrial robots all around the world to have a thorough understanding of the entire issue.

I want to host a viewing of a documentary after school and leading a discussion related to the documentary. 

I can participate in the events or conferences organized by the Manufactory 4.0 in Hartford.

I can send out a survey to the school about their understanding related to industrial robots in the United States.

Capstone Project: Welcome


Research Paper

In my Capstone Research paper, I discussed the social impact of industrial robots on the global labor markets by presenting economics theories and real-world examples of industries adopting industrial robots in production to the audience.


Showcasing Documentary

American Factory is an Oscar Winning documentary talks about the story of a Chinese industry took over a declining factory in Ohio, turned it into a glass factory and hired thousands of blue-collar American workers. In the last section of the documentary, it talks about the adoption of industrial robots in their factory. I'm planning to write a critical analysis of this movie and discuss the worker rights issues in the documentary.

Capstone Project: Products
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